Notice! Very Importance

1. In every register process, please recheck every information before submiting.

2. For your information right protection. It is nessecary to use only true information. user's account will be banned if the system is found out the information is false.

3. Firstname and lastname have to be exactly the same with bank account for withdrawing issue. The withdraw will be reject if the name is mismatch.

4. Your mobile phone have to be contactable or the account will be remove from the system.

Age limited 22+ years old

Terms and Agreements.

1. Usage Right
- register user must have equal or above age limit at 22 years old (for new users will be effectived from 15 July 2018)
- Please avoid using username as password or using same password with other platform. Recommend to change password 2-3 times every month. Uses have responsibility for keeping their own password safty. The company will not responsibility for any issue that happen from user's negligent.
- Every account that did not login in 1 year (365 days) will be automatical deleted.

2. Rules Lottery Results
- If there is any issue which is not happen as ordinary that effect of betting results. for example, "Yeekee platform has down and result for some of the users cannot betting in time." or "Foriegn stock has volatility that is unordinary." the company will fairness made final decision about the result prize.